Business Outline

INTEC, active nationwide, promotes original service solutions that no other company can match. Moreover, the Company meets various issues in society straight on and provides solutions based on a cross-industry perspective that transcends sector boundaries, complemented by efforts to create new value.

Business Territory

To support clients' business expansion efforts and underpin improvement in management capabilities and productivity, INTEC undertakes R&D in leading-edge technologies and directs accumulated expertise primarily toward the configuration and operation of various ICT platforms.

Technological Pursuits

INTEC pursues research into leading-edge ICT, including audio-visual technology, data-processing technology and technologies used to provide services on different kinds of devices. The Company is involved in various tests geared toward the establishment of comfortable, power-saving smart communities. 

ICT Consulting

Consultants experienced in ICT system development and operation and having insight into management-related issues formulate practical ICT strategies covering everything from system planning through development, operation and maintenance and mesh perfectly with the business strategies of each client.

Software Development

INTEC helps clients build information systems and core business (platform) systems geared toward business expansion to support management strategies.

System Integration

INTEC’s system engineers draw on the Company’s independent status and extensive know-how accumulated across a broad range of business sectors, including finance, manufacturing and distribution, as well as the system needs of local government, to provide total system responses encompassing design, configuration, operation and maintenance.

Network Services

Since becoming the first Special Type II Telecommunications Operator in Japan in 1985, INTEC has provided total EDI system and ID management solutions, security solutions and other network services using high-quality networks boasting scalability and flexibility.

Outsourcing Services

INTEC’s outsourcing services are built on a nonstop monitoring system that runs 24 hours a day 365 days a year and know-how accumulated since the Company's establishment in 1964. These services keep clients operating without interruption.

Business Segments

We contribute to the development of business sectors and whole industries through services in several segments covering extensive business territory, from technology R&D to outsourcing.

Public Corporations and Government Agencies

We support the establishment of general government information systems for such purpose as taxation and national health insurance, and the creation of smart cities using ICT infrastructures. We are part of the pursuit toward achieving safe and convenient lifestyles and realizing secure, eco-friendly communities.

Finance, Securities, Life and Non-Life Insurance

We help clients move to industry-specific, highly secure cloud environments through the development of platform systems, management support systems and associated services.

Manufacturing and Distribution

We draw on a rich history of achievements to create high-productivity systems, including factory production control systems, traceability systems that ensure food safety, tracking systems that boost distribution efficiency, and inventory control systems.

Medical Treatment and Health Care

We provide various systems to support diagnosis, remote doctoring through networks, and onsite medical care as well as services for promoting good health, including health management support services linked to health checkups.


We offer systems that enhance the efficiency of newspaper and web production as well as systems to support design activities.